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Andy Romanoff

Hi, I'm Andy Romanoff, I am a photographer with roots going back into the sixties and a style that has evolved with the times. I am also a senior executive and media strategist, expert in all aspects of motion picture and television equipment development. I love to work on creating desire for products and brands.

During a career that spans almost five decades Andy Romanoff has worked as a photographer, cameraman, designer, inventor and businessman. He is available for work, consulting and special projects in the industry. In his last position Andy was responsible for Industry Relations and Business Development at AbelCine, a NY and LA based Camera rental, sales, service and training company. Prior to Abel he served as Executive Vice President, Technical Marketing and Strategy, for Panavision Inc where he was a key contributor to new product design and introduction. Andy Romanoff holds several patents related to efficient camera use in filmmaking including Adjustable Automatic Backpan Compensation and the fourth axis head, a unique device which permits the camera to see "right" and "left" when pointed straight down. Andy has written about film and video technology for publications in the U.S. and England, and has been the subject of numerous articles and interviews in such publications as American Cinematographer, ICG and the Hollywood Reporter. He co-founded First Light Video Publishing, an instructional video company specializing in programs on media production and opened Louma L.A., a company devoted to the development and rental of remote control equipment for moving cameras. In 1997, Panavision purchased Louma L.A. and Andy became President of Panavision Remote Systems. In 2006 he joined the senior management team of Panavision where he served as Executive Vice President, Technical Marketing and Strategy. Andy Romanoff is an associate member of the American Society of Cinematographers and a long time member of the Society of Operating Cameramen. He was honored by them in 2008 with their Distinguished Service Award. He has served as the co-chairman of the PERA/ESTA crane safety committee. Andy is a member of the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences, and currently serves on the Academy's Scientific and Technical awards committee.

Andy Romanoff's Background

Andy Romanoff's Experience

Photographer and consultant at worldwide

January 1970 - Present | Los Angeles

I am a photographer specializing in portraits, architecture and fine art photography. With a lifetime of experience I am also available for consulting and project based work in the areas of business development, marketing and market development related to cameras, optics and motion picture equipment in general. My photography can be seen at

Industry Relations - Business Development at AbelCine

April 2011 - August 2012

Consulting, projects and special assignments at ARomanoff

April 2010 - April 2011

I am a well known and experienced executive with deep understanding and connections in the world of film and television production. I am a member of many industry bodies including the the Academy and the ASC. I have worked in production, been a small business founder and owner and a successful corporate executive. I offer my experience and expertise to companies where I can make a difference.

EVP Technical Marketing and Strategy at Panavision

1990 - March 2010

I served as EVP, Technical Marketing and Strategy and as President of Panavision Remote Systems for a total of 18 years. As president of Remote Systems I ran a consistently profitable and well regarded operating group. As EVP, Technical Marketing and Strategy I was responsible for worldwide technical outreach and feedback for Panavision and developed strategy to advance our market position.

President at Panavision Remote Systems

1997 - 2006

Led a division of Panavision to become the leading supplier of remote controlled cranes and heads in the US market. Pioneered the use and development of remote controlled equipment technology for motion pictures and TV.

Andy Romanoff's Interests & Activities

Every aspect of photography, from the 1850s to today's newest product introductions and the images I can make with them. I love art of all kinds, drawings, paintings, photographs, sculpture, media, assemblages and performance with a special love of pictorialism and a desire to translate it to the 21st century

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